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We need GymPocket in our own language. Is that possible?

Yes, both mobile app and web app can be used in your own language.

Will mobile applications be on our Gym Name?

Yes. We build your branded applications on iOS and Android platforms. Then we upload to application stores on your Gym Brand’s name. So your clients can reach your app by typing in your gym’s name.

In how many days you setup our system?

Web application is activated right after we receive the payment. Activating mobile apps may take up to 3 weeks.

Do we need to pay installation fee?

No. Your payments will be on a yearly basis and that includes all relevant fees.

What user types GymPocket has?

Admin: Can access all data of all branches of a gym brand. (Single account)

Manager: Can access all of the data of one gym branch.

Staff: Has restricted access to one gym branch.

Trainer: Can create workout plans, diets and can reach schedule and reservation data of one gym branch. Trainer: Can create workout plans, diets and can reach schedule and reservation data of one gym branch

Dietitian: Can create diets and can reach schedule and reservation data of one gym branch.

Member: Access their own profiles, workout and diet plans. Reach schedule and make booking to classes. Reach discussion board.

How do my clients register to the system?

They can create their own accounts over my.gympocket.com. Then you need to confirm memberships of those registered members over the system. Additionally you can create client profiles from your admin and manager accounts.

Do my clients need to pay to use the system?

No. They can create their own profiles and use both web application and mobile applications for free.

Who can see my clients and my staff?

Only admin, manager and staff of the relevant gym branch can see their clients. They have no access to other gym’s staff or clients. Also, gym members can’t see other members.

We have multiple branches. Can we register all in one subscription?

Yes, you can register multiple branches of your fitness brand in one subscription. However, each branch will have their own managers, staff and clients.

How do a gym subscribe to GymPocket?

You should go to my.gympocket.com and click “Register Your Gym.” Fill in the register form, choose the subscription type and make payment. After we receive your payment and your gym details, we will contact you as soon as possible to activate your GymPocket subscription.

Will GymPocket replace our gym management software?

No, GymPocket is not a gym management software. We provide you and your clients some other tools which cannot replace gym management software.

Do you build native mobile apps or hybrid apps?

We do implement your branded applications totally native.

How do you secure our data?

We respect your valuable data and don’t share it with any 3rd parties. Our servers located in U.S. and protected with high security mechanisms.

We already have a mobile app, can we use the system only on web?

Yes, you and your clients can use GymPocket only on the web also. Choose the relevant subscription type and get your web subscription.

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